2000 RV6

Firewall Forward:

  • Lycoming O-360 180 hp, 575 hrs. SNEW
  • Sensenich Prop, 575 hrs. SNEW (metal, fixed pitch, standard pitch)


  • Audio Panel: PS Engineering PMA6000M (Intercom, Audio Panel, Marker Beacons, Aux. CD/IPOD)
  • Transponder: Garmin AT SL70 (Slim Line)(Digital Mode C Transponder, VFR select, Altitude alert)
  • Nav/Comm: Garmin AT SL30 (Slim Line)(Digital Nav/Comm, Monitor Standby Comm and Nav, Memory)
  • GPS/Comm: Garmin AT GX60 (IFR Approach Approved, Moving Map, Monitor Standby Comm)


  • Standard 6 flight instruments: Airspeed Indicator (TAS function and heated pitot), Attitude Indicator, Altimeter, Turn Coordinator/Wing Leveler, Heading Indicator, Vertical Speed.
  • SIRS Compass, G Meter, Clock, Carb Temp/OAT, 4 Probe CHT/EGT, Vacuum Indicator.
  • Van's Tach, MP, OP, OT, Voltmeter, Fuel Pressure and Fuel Level Gauges.
  • VOR and LOC/GS CDI coupled to NAV. CDI with IFR annunciators coupled to GPS


  • ELT, Halon Extinguisher, Co-pilot Brakes, Pilot/Co-pilot PTT
  • Kroger Sun Shade, Canopy Cover, Tie Downs, Covered and Lighted Baggage Area
  • Strobes, Landing and Taxi Lights, Nav Lights, Instrument Lighting


  • Equipped for VFR/IFR/Day/Night operations
  • Oxygen bottle, Tool kit, all manuals/logbooks and miscellaneous parts from a spare tailwheel to hardware for converting engine to constant speed prop included.
  • Insurance and tailwheel training available with seller.