Avionics Notes:

The GX60 which is an IFR approach certified GPS with a Comm combined with the SL30 Nav/Comm are in my opinion a superior combination to a radio such as the Garmin 430.

I'm not the only one with that opinion. From the ability to monitor four comm frequencies simultaneously to having two nav's in one with the functionality of the SL30 to the ability of the GPS to feed info to the SL30 it is an amazing package.

Here is what one RV builder says about it:

When I decided on the radios that I was installing in my panel, I knew early on that the SL30 would be a hit. This radio really kicks butt. It's two COMs and two NAVs in one. And the combination of the GX60 and SL30 is pretty powerful. They talk back and forth in a few different ways. Here's one example, where the SL30 is fed DST (distance/speed/time) data from the GPS via the serial interface. There's no DME installed in this plane, but the SL30 is happy to act like it with the help of the GPS.

And as far as that dual COM, dual NAV thing goes, here's an example of what I'm talking about. This is the NAV mode...112.30 is the active frequency, and we're on the 073 radial from the station. Click the NAV button again and it "monitors" the standby frequency (you can see "M" instead of "S" next to the standby freq). We were on the 253 radial from 108.40. This is pretty powerful functionality for shooting approaches, because if you're on an ILS and have cross radials as step-down fixes (very common), you don't need a second radio, and you don't need to flip flop back and forth. You get two stations tuned in on one radio. The SL30 does the same sort of thing with it's COM monitoring functionality. So does the GX60...so I have four COMs and two NAVs with two radios. Plus an IFR approach certified GPS. Everybody blindly installs their GNS-430, thinking it's the coolest radio because of its "pretty screen." If you want a pretty screen, get an ipaq for 1/5 the price! Do the research. You'll find that you get much more bang for your buck with a GX60/SL30 combo than you would with a GNS-430. Too bad Garmin stopped making the GX60 when they swallowed UPSAT...