N168AL Equipment List

Firewall Foreward:

500 TT Hobbs SNEW Lycoming and Sensenich

Lycoming O-360-A1A L-36469-36A Reliable 180 hp proven technology
Sensenich 72FM8S9-1-83 33027K Standard metal propeller for RV6/6A


PS Engineering PMA6000M User Guide Intercom, Audio Panel, Markers, Aux. (CD/IPOD) input
Garmin AT SL70 User Guide Digital Transponder
Garmin AT SL30 User Guide Digital Nav/Comm
Garmin AT GX60 User Guide Approach approved GPS/Comm
  • Vacuum Attitude and Heading

Additional Equipment:

  • Heated Pitot
  • Co-pilot Brakes
  • Kroger sun shade
  • Covered and lighted baggage area
  • Strobes
  • Taxi and landing light
  • Nav lights
  • Electric Turn Coordinator / Wing Leveler
  • G Meter
  • 4 cylinder EGT/CHT probes
  • OAT, Van's Manifold Pressure
  • Van's Tach